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The Nursery Rhyme Collection

Children experiencing real music

On this page you will find many of the instruments present on the Nursery Rhyme Collection album.
Now you can learn their names and how they sound!

Just move your mouse over the pictures and click on your favourite instruments.
Various different things will happen depending on the instrument!

And now try to play some drums yourself!
Just move your mouse and click on the drums!

That was fun, wasn't it?
And now find out how different these guitars sound!

For the nursery rhymes we used a lot more instruments with strings,
here you can see some of them:

The instruments below are called woodwind instruments,
find out how they sound!

All these instruments are keyboards,
did you know that there are so many different types of keyboards?

These are classical string instruments,
just like the woodwind instruments they are used in an orchestra

To make up a full orchestra you also need brass instruments.
Listen to the most common ones!

All the instruments below are percussion instruments.
Some of them are also used in an orchestra. Can you find them?

The double bass is part of an orchestra but it can also
be used for Jazz and Pop music. Listen how that sounds!
However, most songs of The Nursery Rhyme Collection were played with an electric bass guitar

Do you want to learn more about the different instruments?
Click here to play the Instruments Game!